NYC’s Labor Day Parade 2018 – FRANK CAMUSO New York City (NY)

This summer has been one to remember for New York City natives, with record temperatures and humidity, to intense waves of crime, and even more fun-filled city-wide celebrations. It has been a summer full of record highs and lows for locals like Frank Camuso NYC and his wife Christine. While the month of August is upon us and this seems to mark the ending of the summer, one last big hurrah must come before we can bring the summer to a close, Labor Day weekend – and of course, the annual NYC Labor Day Parade. Like it does every year, Labor Day weekend and the Labor Day parade is the point at which kids know school is literally right around the corner, and parents like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine, thank their lucky stars that their kids are going to be back in school and out of the house!

But more than just a point at which school starts, the Labor Day parade has become a New York City institution – celebrating NYC’s thriving, and constantly expanding West Indian and Caribbean culture. Considered one of NYC’s staple parades the West Indian Day Parade as it has been known by now, has attracted a diverse and constantly growing multitude of New Yorkers and individuals around the Tri-State. Staten Island natives like Frank Camuso US and his wife Christine, born and raised on Staten Island and coming from a traditional Italian background – they have spent the last few years attending the celebration, and even brought family and friends along for the festivities. So, what exactly does the West Indian Day Parade entail?

The pre-parade party begins at 6am with J’ouvert, translates to Daybreak in French & Creole – a sort of an early morning festival held in the early, early hours before the parade. Now J’ouvert isn’t for the faint of heart, and you likely won’t see many families like Frank Camuso and his there. It’s mostly composed of young people who are dancing and getting wild in the streets. But it is a beautiful celebration of a culture that is happily thriving in New York City. So, the West Indian Day parade itself is approximately a 7-12-hour extravaganza like a New York City carnival – full of steel-pan drums, calypso bands, and interesting costumes, going down Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, New York. Vendors and stall owners sell classic Caribbean food items along the route to Crown Heights in Brooklyn. The parade begins on Schenectady Avenue and ends at Grand Army Plaza. Most people in the parade are decked out with crazy skin, feathers, sequins, and outfitted with flags of their countries, celebrating their heritage of countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Barbados, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Saint Vincent, Grenada, and Guyana.


St. George Day 2018 – Frank Camuso


The borough of Staten Island has never really been known for its forays into the world of the arts, but in recent years brand new city initiatives, and work done from many citizens has begun to change that. This coming weekend, April 22nd to be exact, marks Earth Day 2018. Generally, Earth Day is a longstanding tradition, celebrating the planet that provides us all a home. A Day for citizens to remember to be environmentally conscious, and that the earth truly needs our help to keep sustaining its resources. For Staten Islanders like Frank Camuso and his family, who have never really had cause to celebrate, now have an opportunity to enjoy all the festivities at Tompkinsville Park on Staten Island. St. The event is known as St. George Day, Earth Day & Arts Festival Celebrating Community and, Dragons! From 11am to 5pm Staten Islanders like Frank Camuso and their families will be able to enjoy a full day of arts around the entire park, especially celebratory music and dance, “giant” puppet shows, spoken word, and much more! And the best part is that most everything in the park is entirely free, for all!

Staten Island’s new generation has spawned a vast cultural interest in the arts, and in recent times, many citizens like Frank Camuso, and his wife Christine, have taken the opportunity to get in touch with their more “artsy” side. Having never really thought this way before, Frank Camuso mentioned to use that he is looking forward to raising his children with an interest in the arts, something he missed out on as a child. The recent boom in the arts, has seen Staten Island add a number of theaters, musical performance centers, and also given rise to a number of scholastic programs spreading this love of the arts around the world. High school students can even receive volunteer credits towards graduation and college, for their participation in the special Earth Day event. Something locals like Frank Camuso is happy with, as his own children will be taking part. Again, for those interested, the event will take place from 11am to 5pm, rain or shine, at Staten Island’s own Tompkinsville Park!


Frank Camuso In New York – The Macy’s Annual Flower Show

Spring is here, it might not seem so with the almost weekly snowstorms in NYC, but we assure you, it is definitely springtime! And with spring comes flowers blooming, birds chirping, and of course the Macy’s flower show! An NYC staple, New Yorkers like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine, have been able to enjoy the festivities since March 25th. This weeks marks the ending of the annual show that comes to Macy’s Herald Square once every year.

The flower show has drawn crowds for years now. Whether you are a local, like Frank Camuso, of Staten Island, or an out of town tourist like Jane Argo, a woman who’s family made a 6 hour drive from Virginia Beach just to make it in time for the last week of the show. For two weeks, people have been able to see the most jaw-dropping floral arrangements. The flower show is known to have some of the most beautiful species of flowers around, displaying flowers known for their amazing shapes and vibrant colors, as well as their amazing blooming schedule. Each year the show has a specific theme, this year’s theme being “Once Upon A Springtime”, inspired by fantasy tales, and scenes from your favorite childhood stories. So it would seem unlikely that a flower show would appeal to adults, especially males. But if you ask Staten Island native, Frank Camuso, he is enjoying the festivities as much as his children and wife! Frank Camuso claimed the nostalgia of seeing his favorite scenes fro childhood stories brought him back, and it is a wonderful event he is glad he can share with his family. The flower show is one of the most notable free events NYC is known for.

The sweet smells of Macy’s foliage can be smelled from down the block. But the sweet smells aren’t the only thing attracting people to Macy’s. The flower show is also an amazing time for economic growth for Macy’s and leads to a lot more money changing hands! Frank Camuso and his family each have a shopping bag in hand. Macy’s reports record numbers for revenue during the flower show, as many, despite coming for the flowers, stay for the shopping. The influx in transactions also leads to a ton of seasonal hiring. The current flower show has allowed Macy’s to hire dozens of seasonal hires for part time, full time, and overnight work. Whether its manning the registers, stocking the shelves, or cleaning up flower petals, a lot of happy New Yorkers are earning some extra pocket change this spring. So if you are in or around the NYC area, this is your last week to catch the 44th annual Macy’s Flower Show, its a beautiful sight to see, not to mention its 100% free.


The Beaches of Staten Island – Frank Camuso

When most think of Staten Island, the last thing that comes to mind is the beach. In the shadows of NYC’s tallest buildings Staten Islander’s like Frank Camuso, want the rest of New York City to know that Staten Island is home to some of the best, most swimmable beaches in the 5 boroughs. The beaches on Staten Island offer a number of benefits to citizens like Frank Camuso and his wife and children. Beaches like Wolfe’s Pond Park, offer outdoor activities such as hiking trails, sporting courts, and playgrounds for all ages. The beach is also easily accessible by public transportation, or by car, and the perfect atmosphere for family fun in the sun.

Staten Island native Frank Camuso, an avid fisherman, and sailor, enjoys taking his family to the marina every weekend. The beaches on Staten Island are not like those of any borough. Many of the beaches are very famous for their rare fish or animal life. Rare birds, such as the brant, the Laughing Gull, the Herring Gull, and the Gray Gull all call places like Wolfe’s Pond home. In addition blue mussels, horshoe crabs, and Quahog Clams, are rare collectible clams that have some of the most beautiful shells around.

Beaches like South Beach on Father Capadanno Blvd is one of Frank Camuso and his wife Christine’s favorites. The beach has amazing boardwalks, perfect for biking, long walks, and family fun. And the 835 foot long fishing pier is a favorite of fisherman like Frank Camuso and his children. Other attractions in the area include, a skate park, sporting courts, almost, nightly live music, outdoor movies, fireworks and a host of other local events. If you and your family are looking to take a break from the norm, and venture off into a beach you haven’t been before. Staten Island offers some of NYC’s most fun-filled, family oriented, action-packed beaches!

Frank Camuso | Staten Islanders Concered Over MTA Changes

For years on end, Staten Islander commuters like Frank Camuso, have relied heavily upon express busses as a means of entering the more populated boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. The express busses allow Staten Islanders to travel to the “city” quickly and efficiently, without having to be stuck in Verazzano Bridge traffic.

Express busses are also the only means of mass transit for commuters like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine, as there are no subways or major railways in Staten Island. Despite this, the MTA has decided it is time to rename the express busses using a new system of naming. The busses for years have been known by the X prefix, as it has been in all of the other boroughs. However, they must know get used to the new way of naming the bus routes using the SIM prefix. A Staten Island native, Frank Camuso, is worried that the renaming will cause confusion for the many friends and relatives that rely on the busses for daily transportation.

Now a normal renaming may not be an issue, but what is causing a major area of cover to Frank Camuso and others is the fact that one bus line is now going to be renamed and will take on 3 or 4 different names, to signify the direction the bus is traveling as well as the area in which it is traveling at any given time. For instance, the X1 express bus, a common line for Frank Camuso ’s relatives, is now going to be broken u into the SIM1, SIM7, SIM10, and SIM22. While the X prefix was used for express bus, the SIM prefix now means Staten Island to Manhattan.

There were formerly 27 different express busses leaving Staten Island, that figure is now over 35. For locals, like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine, it truly doesn’t make much sense. Staten Island is already difficult enough to travel in and out of, now it seems the MTA has made it much more confusing. There are only 21 total routes, 11 traveling to Midtown, 8 traveling to Downtown, and 2 traveling to Greenwich Village. So for their to now be 35+ busses on these routes real doesn’t make much sense.